Parent FAQ

Where can my son get more information to help with his decision?

Your son should speak with a spiritual advisor: a priest or sister can help enter a discussion and conversation about readiness and answering God’s ‘call.’ Take advantage of opportunities to spend time with seminarians and get a taste for seminarian life. Look into discernment retreats, parents dinner with the Bishop, and live-in seminarian weekends at the Pontifical College Josephinum.

Will my son be lonely?

Priests are surrounded by people. There can be lonely moments in any vocation, marriage included, but the job of a priest is to bring Jesus to people and people to Jesus. Seminaries hold multiple classes teaching men how to form good, healthy relationships with people in their parishes.

What if my son is unhappy?

A book entitled, “Why Priests are Happy,” by Msgr. Stephen Rosetti, finds that 92% of priests report being happy and that the key factor to their happiness is an “inner peace.” Deacon Kyle Tennant at the PCJ puts it this way. “The more we respond to God’s love, the happier and more fulfilled we are.”

What if we can’t afford the Seminary?

Don’t let money be an obstacle in your path. Room and board is provided for seminarians in the Columbus Diocese. Tuition is considered on an individual basis. See Father Noble, Director of Vocations for Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus for more information.

Practical Ideas for Parents

Strive to create a Christian home environment where holiness and virtue can flourish:

  • Be positive role models and show your children a good example of a holy marriage.
  • Attend an ordination (Diaconate Ordination, May 3, 2019 and Priestly Ordination, May 25, 2019, at the Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, Ohio)
  • Invite a priest, brother or sister to dine at your home.
  • Pray the diocesan prayer for vocations at supper.
  • Talk about the clergy and the Church with respect and admiration.
  • Read and discuss the Bible stories of Mary’s response to God (Luke 1:26-39), and about Jesus’ calling the Apostles (Mt 4:18-22).
  • Speak openly of vocations to marriage, priesthood, and religious life.

If your child asks questions that you cannot answer, look for information online together. That shows that you take their inquiries seriously, and that it is important to search for answers.

As the Diocese of Columbus reorients itself towards evangelization, the Diocese is beginning to invest more time and resources into a diocesan-wide social media presence.  As this is now beginning to grow, the Vocations Office will no longer need to carry the message in social media as the Vocations Office.  The new Social Media Department of the Diocese will have the mission of spreading the Gospel through social media and will be the avenue by which the Vocations Office works to promote a culture of vocations.  As the Vocations Office we will still continue our information website,  This site will be going through an exciting transformation over the next several months as the Diocese moves to a new platform.  We will also begin running our vocations-oriented messages, event announcements, and news through the diocesan social media platform.  Because of this, Face Forward’s time will be coming to a close at the end of this month.  We thank all of those who have been a part of this important work in the life of the local Church. We look forward with excitement to the spread of the Gospel and the cultivation of a culture of vocations as we enter this new phase in the life of the Diocese of Columbus.  Please continue to follow along with us through our site and through the Diocese of Columbus Social Media platform.



In Christ,
Fr. William Hahn