About Vocational Discernment

Kyle Tennant speaking about vocational discernment.

“God made me and God loves me so what does God want me to be?”
– Deacon Kyle Tennant

Kyle grew up involved in his Church and always felt that God was present. Throughout his 4 years at the University of Notre Dame, and working at Accenture in Chicago, Kyle continued to think about the seminary. “Being called to the seminary is an invitation from God. It is up to you to discern whether you accept it,” says Kyle.

Christ tells us in the Gospel according to St. John, “You did not choose me, but I chose you” (John 15:16). His choice for your path is what makes a vocation different from a career or occupation. A vocation is the particular life He has chosen for you, and for which He has specifically created you. If you feel called to live a challenging and rewarding life of service to the Church and your community, then you should consider exploring that call. Try asking yourself questions like, “What does Jesus want for me?” and “What life will bring Jesus the greatest glory?

God knows which life will bring about your happiness and salvation. The key to discovering your vocation is to allow Jesus to show His tender love to you. This love will make you capable of loving Him in return.


Vocational discernment is best completed when following several guidelines/steps:

  • Attending Mass regularly and reflecting on scripture and Mass
  • Daily prayer and honest questioning of your life
  • Sincere conversations with respected friends and mentors
  • Participation in your parish/school community
  • Serving God by volunteering
  • Starting a discussion with your priest or religious advisor
  • Contacting your diocesan vocation director

As the Diocese of Columbus reorients itself towards evangelization, the Diocese is beginning to invest more time and resources into a diocesan-wide social media presence.  As this is now beginning to grow, the Vocations Office will no longer need to carry the message in social media as the Vocations Office.  The new Social Media Department of the Diocese will have the mission of spreading the Gospel through social media and will be the avenue by which the Vocations Office works to promote a culture of vocations.  As the Vocations Office we will still continue our information website, www.seekholiness.com.  This site will be going through an exciting transformation over the next several months as the Diocese moves to a new platform.  We will also begin running our vocations-oriented messages, event announcements, and news through the diocesan social media platform.  Because of this, Face Forward’s time will be coming to a close at the end of this month.  We thank all of those who have been a part of this important work in the life of the local Church. We look forward with excitement to the spread of the Gospel and the cultivation of a culture of vocations as we enter this new phase in the life of the Diocese of Columbus.  Please continue to follow along with us through our seekholiness.com site and through the Diocese of Columbus Social Media platform.


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In Christ,
Fr. William Hahn