Service Awards Why Apply

The past year has been unlike anything that any of us have experienced before, and we know that the effects will remain long after the pandemic has gone. So for this year’s Service Awards, the Office of Vocations and the Face Forward program are asking entrants to reflect on how the pandemic has impacted or grown their faith.

This is the ninth year for the annual Face Forward Service Awards competition, open to all students in the Columbus Diocese in grades 8-12. Two $500 awards will be given based on the three criteria: a reflection on how the pandemic has shaped or grown their faith, level of parish involvement, and level of service to the community.  

To demonstrate just how easy it is to enter the Service Awards, we asked Vocations Director, Father Hahn to share his reflection on this year’s question. He says, the pandemic, “gave me time to really take stock of where I was at in my life, in my faith, and where I was at with the Lord.” He goes on to say that “it was a great opportunity to go deeper within myself and to see where I was with the Lord and how I could go forward in my personal relationship with Him.”

Of course, if the opportunity for reflection is a strong enough reason to apply for this year’s Service Awards, hopefully, the two $500 awards will be! And keep in mind that your response can be written or you can submit a video entry for your reflection. Of course, extra points are available for creativity with your video response! 

We promise that entry for the Service Awards is easy, quick, and you might even find it refreshing to reflect on some of the positives from this past year.

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