Growing Your Summer Faith

While it may not feel like a typical summer break, you may still find yourself falling out of a consistent practice of your faith. Youth groups have taken the summer off, and the little bit of connection that you typically have during summer has probably gone virtual due to the uncertainty of the times. If you find yourself missing an active faith life, we have a few tips on growing your summer faith. 

  1. Stay Connected – With an abundance of technology at your fingertips, there are many ways to stay connected with your friends, mentors, and faith communities. Set up weekly Facetime calls or Zoom meetings, follow your church and youth group on social platforms, and check for virtual camps to participate in. 
  1. Pick up a Book – Of course, there is no better way to grow your faith then to immerse yourself in the Bible. Consider studying a book of the bible, and do so with friends and family if possible. In addition to the Bible, there are plenty of books by Catholic authors – from scholarly studies to fictional stories – that can help you grow in your faith. 
  1. Buddy Up – Find friends who will help you stay accountable in your quest to grow your faith. In addition to making sure you stick with what you say you are going to do, friends can support you with prayer and a little bit of fun!
  1. Stick to a Routine – A little bit of routine goes a long way, especially when working to grow your faith. Establish set times throughout the day that you will enter into prayer, do some reading, or attend Mass. Certainly, every Hail Mary on the rosary isn’t going to make you feel great, but it will change your heart. Routine is critical for a good spiritual life, and the first month of establishing it is crucial.
  1. Try Something New – Because a routine can feel a bit monotonous at times, try new practices of your faith to keep up your enjoyment. Maybe a day of silence, a weekend spiritual retreat, or a day being mindful of the beauty of God in the world. 
  1. Be Realistic – Growing in your faith is an admirable goal, but keep it realistic. Include things you will actually have the time and resources to accomplish. And while you should try to stretch yourself, understand what things you can and will change. Don’t plan on waking up at 6AM to pray if you know you will just hit snooze. If this is important to you, maybe start with just one day a week and grow from there. 
  2. Get Involved – Living your faith is a wonderful way to grow in your faith. Answer the call to serve, whether within your church community as an altar server or lector, in a youth group, or living Christ’s love in the community. Not only will you grow in your faith, but you will feel connection to a greater good. 
  1. Have Faith – Believe that God is with you every step of the way on your journey to grow your faith. Also understand that while God can do big things in your life, he may do them slowly and not in the timeframe that you think that they should be done. Keep your eyes and heart open to how God is working in your life in all ways, and not just in the ways you think He should be working. 
  1. Lighten Up – Every journey of growth has some backwards steps. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you mess up. God is a God of second chances, all that is important is that you just keep trying. 

Bonus tip: Watch some of the Face Forward Seminarian Stories with Seminarians from the Pontifical College Josephinum.