Michael Fulton

Born in Denver, CO to a normal Catholic family, Michael Fulton moved to Columbus when he was 11 years old. Michael attended public school in the Olentangy District until I graduated in 2012. He spent a lot of time in high school playing sports and hanging out at the St. John Neumann parish youth group in Sunbury, OH.  

At first, Michael says he only went to the youth group to meet girls but that he had a significant conversion during his junior year after going to the sacrament of confession. After that, he became serious about his prayer life and slowly but surely God led him to the seminary.  Michael says he had to choose between studying chemistry or entering seminary and God showed him that he would never really be at peace unless he gave the priesthood a real chance.  

“I entered seminary right out of high school and now eight years later I’m nearly at my priestly ordination.  Praise God,” says Fulton.

Deacon Chat

What are your hobbies? I enjoy hiking, cooking, lifting weights, and spending time with my friends.  We play a lot of different sports here in the seminary and it’s a great way to spend time with the guys.

What is your favorite type of music? I really enjoy bands like Twenty One Pilots, the Lumineers, and the Oh Hellos.  

Favorite food? There’s a two way tie for my favorite food between Cane’s fried chicken and tacos al pastor from Los Guachos. It’s definitely not the healthiest but I love it so much.  

Favorite ice cream? 

Graeter’s Bourbon Pecan is my favorite ice cream and likely the best in the entire city of Columbus. 

What is something people might not know about you? 

I once climbed a 14,000 ft mountain in Colorado while wearing sandals because I accidentally forgot my hiking boots at home. It was a beautiful hike but naturally my feet were pretty sore afterward.  

What is your favorite bible verse? 

I have a lot of favorite bible verses, but one that I especially enjoy is from John 2:3 where Mary says “they have no wine” at the wedding feast of Cana. There is so much going on in those four little words. This verse shows us the abundant new life that is offered to us in Christ. It also shows that the quickest easiest way to our Lord is through His mother, Mary.  

What is something you dream of doing in the future? 

I just dream about being a good priest. I also dream about the Buckeyes winning another national championship and them inviting me to be their chaplain.  

Michael Fulton

What advice would you give to others considering the priesthood? 

I would love to master the skill of cooking. Cooking is definitely cheaper and healthier than the constant stream of fried chicken and tacos that I would otherwise eat. Also, there’s a huge cooking competition among the clergy of our diocese and I want to be the very best.

What is your favorite movie of all time? 

For any man considering the priesthood, I have three simple bits of advice. First, pray the rosary.  You’re going to need Mary’s help. Second, contact some local priests and ask them lots of questions. Third, and most importantly, don’t overthink it. I know guys that spent years and years stressing about whether to try seminary. If you’re considering the priesthood at all and you feel at peace, then apply to seminary and take advantage of the peaceful environment to pray and discern your vocation.

What is one skill that you’d like to master? 

My favorite movie of all time is the hunchback of Notre Dame. Growing up, I always thought Notre Dame was a magical made up castle in France, but when I found out it was an actual Catholic Church, my mind was blown.

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