Lent is a journey of prayer, repentance and fasting, rewarded by seven weeks of Easter. It’s also time for the inevitable question “what are you giving up for Lent?” Afterall, Lent is about stretching ourselves – it is a time for self-examination and reflection, and making room in our life to notice how God is at work within us. So this year, consider doing more than giving up ice cream or your favorite app and try these Lenten Challenges:

  1. Each day of Lent, do a random act of kindness – either in person or on social media.
  2. KonMari your way through the Lenten season by picking one item each day from your home to donate.
  3. Attend Stations of the Cross.
  4. Leave the best parking space for someone else and get some exercise by parking in the farthest spot.
  5. Turn off your car radio during your daily commute and spend that time in prayer.
  6. Call, don’t text.
  7. Grab some friends and support your local parish’s Friday Fish Fry.
  8. Volunteer each week of Lent – visit an elderly neighbor, take a meal to someone, help in your local food pantry or soup kitchen.
  9. Don’t eat out, only eat food that you prepare.
  10. Find a new spiritual blog to follow.
  11. Save all of your change and donate it.
  12. Oh, and don’t eat sweets.

Check out our Lent and Easter Infographic.