Lukas Graham

Lukas Graham is the spotlight this week for our Ordinary Teens, Extraordinary Things series. Read on to learn more about Lukas and his dedication to service in our community.

ParishSt. Matthew the Apostle Parish

Service Involvement:

I am involved in my community and the summer reading challenge that the library puts on each year. Along with that, I am involved in my church in many ways, including an altar server and lector. I participate in almost every mass in someway whether it be as simple as taking up the gifts or as difficult as being the head server for the Easter Sunday mass.

What does service mean to you? How does your involvement in your parish and community foster a stronger relationship with Jesus?

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” I believe that this quote especially pertains to me and my previous service. I serve in someway almost every week in small tasks that help others along with myself so that I can grow closer to God. Through service, I find myself learning more and more about me and my wants for others. Through service, I try to not only better the person receiving the service, but also myself because to me, there is no better feeling then the feeling you get knowing that you just helped somebody who needed it the most. Service gets me just as excited as the person I am serving. Service is something to me that is not just a job or something that I have to do, but to me service is an honor that allows me to help others that need my duties. Due to this mindset, I find myself in a few very important service opportunities in my community in order to help those around me in need.

The first important service I perform to others is the project of the summer reading challenge that occurs each summer at my local library. At the library, I personally sign young kids and adults up for a reading program in order to avoid the summer slide of children reading levels as they go into the next school year. I hand out prizes, read to children, and I do any other tasks that the library needs me for. I have done this service for three years and last year I was one of the few leaders in the program. I was in charge and I made sure that everything ran smooth. While doing this task over the last three years, I have become a lot more out-going and I have also met tons of new people. I have also been able to see so many young kids who are so excited about reading. This makes me feel good because I know that my service brings joy to their souls along with mine. I hope to continue this service for it has become a really good one that has allowed me to grow in my service to the people of God.

My next big service task has been in my church. At church, I do everything and anything in order to serve the parishioners who are going to mass to grow closer to God like I am. A few of my tasks have been a reader, an altar server and I plan to become a Eucharistic Minister when I get old enough to do so. As a reader, I have been able to read the word of God on Sunday’s and I have also done this during the week at school masses when I was an eighth grader at St. Matthew. The other big job I have is the duty of an altar server. This is by far my favorite service I do because I benefit off of it as I help the mass run smooth. I say this because as an altar server, I have found myself more and more attentive to what Jesus is trying to tell us in the scripture. This has allowed me to grow closer to God because as I learn more and more about his message, the closer I grow to him and his plan for each of us, especially myself. I love that part about serving at mass because I know within that I am helping others while also helping myself which creates for everyone a win-win situation, and you can’t beat that!

My relationship has become stronger with Jesus through all of this service because I know inside that one of the biggest ideas that Jesus teaches us is service to others. Therefore, by serving others, I know that I am allowing myself to grow closer to God and the Kingdom of Heaven. With that in mind, what reason is there not to serve and help those in need? That is why I find myself doing whatever I can to help, for I know that my reward will be great in Heaven with the Father.

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In Christ,
Fr. William Hahn