Katie Moore

Katie Moore is the spotlight this week for our Ordinary Teens, Extraordinary Things series. Read on to learn more about Katie and her dedication to service in our community.

ParishSt. Andrew

Service Involvement:

Many St. Andrew Parish services including SACRED (St. Andrew Children’s Recreation, Education Days), 8th Grade Passion Play, Athletic Support, Viking Magic Coach, Alter Server, Kindergarten Lunch Helper, YMCA food service through Confirmation Service, Knights of Columbus Egg Hunt, and attended CYSC with my Parish Friends.

What does service mean to you? How does your involvement in your parish and community foster a stronger relationship with Jesus?

Service means to me – GIVING of me and my talents to praise God! I love to share all the good gifts God has given to me with others.

My involvement with my parish and community foster a stronger relationship with Jesus because Jesus is in everyone I work with and touch through the service I provide.  I especially enjoy being an example of Jesus for the little children as Jesus loved the little ones, so do I. I watch how happy the little kids were with helping at lunches, opening Easter Eggs, teaching them Viking Magic basketball skills, etc..   I love Jesus and enjoy serving Him as an Altar Server.

To be a Messenger of Christ is to bring the WORD of God and His Love to all people. I am a person who carries a message of God’s Love. My favorite quote is one that I have memorized from my religion class and say every morning to remind myself of God’s Love, “For God so loved the world, he gave his only begotten Son so that whoever believes in him, shall not perish, but have eternal life.” (John 3:16) Jesus is the best example of service that we can follow and the best messenger of God’s goal for us.

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