Brendan Lackey

Brendan Lackey is the spotlight this week for our Ordinary Teens, Extraordinary Things series. Read on to learn more about Brendan and his dedication to service in our community.

ParishSt. Matthew

Service Involvement:

I am a server at my parish, and I am a very dedicated emcee. I love serving and I recently just won the server of the year award, which I am very proud of. I also participate in my school’s beta club, which is a group of students from our upper hall that participate in acts of service for our community and for our school. We strive to help our school become better and we strive to encourage to help participate in making our school better. Another act of service I do for my parish is communion for the homebound. I do this often with my mom, and we go to say readings and give the Eucharist to people who can not unfortunately participate in the Mass. We bring these people joy through Jesus and it is something that I am very proud to say that I participate in.

What does service mean to you? How does your involvement in your parish and community foster a stronger relationship with Jesus?

Service is something that we see in our lives everyday, and it something that causes all of us to strive to better, and that is including myself. Service is something that I can say is a big part of my life, and I’m glad to say that it is. Without service I wouldn’t have the courage to be apart of my community and school. Without service I honestly couldn’t be who I am. Service has changed, and I can honestly say that is has for the better. Service has caused me to help others and improve the lives of others, and there is no better feeling than helping other people’s lives. Service has given me the ability to make people smile, to make people feel like there is someone there for them, and service has even allowed to me be in a deeper connection with my faith. Service has allowed to me to serve my God through serving at Mass. It has allowed me to understand the Mass and to understand Jesus. Through serving, I can let Jesus shine through me to help others. Through me Jesus has helped the homebound, myself, my school, and my community. Service has allowed me to be so much more, and it has made me a better version of myself. Service has changed me, and I hope that through service I can allow other people’s lives to be changed. Because through service we can all strive to be the same thing,  the best version of ourselves.

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