Kayla Kollin

Kayla Kollin is the spotlight this week for our Ordinary Teens, Extraordinary Things series. Read on to learn more about Kayla and her dedication to service in our community.

Parish: Saint Brigid of Kildare

School: Tuscarawas Central Catholic Junior Senior High School

Service Involvement:

I am apart of leadership for the youth group at my church. I also am a volunteer coach for my local swim team. I really like helping people whether its teaching them to swim or helping them to strengthen their faith.

What does service mean to you? How does your involvement in your parish and community foster a stronger relationship with Jesus?

There are several important things when it comes to faith I really believe in. Two of these things are service and strengthening my relationship with Jesus. I feel these two things are a very valuable part of my faith. 

Service is very important. We should do everything we can to help others. Service is about giving back to others even if they have done or do nothing for us in return. Doing service is also about spreading the message of goodwill and helpfulness to others. 

Types of service I am a part of are planning youth group events and activities, as well as helping children with our community swim team as a volunteer coach. When coaching, I am able to help kids improve their skills in the water, as well as gaining their trust and forming relationships. Learning these skills make the children feel more confident in themselves and their abilities. This gives me a lot of joy as I know that I played a part in this growth of their joy in being part of a team and learning a skill. 

At youth group, I do a variety of things to help both the leaders and other members.  These items include helping to plan activities for meetings and leading discussions during the meetings. Doing this allows others to enjoy the events, and this way they can come and explore their faith without the planning or stress that could go into running the activities. These types of service activities improve other’s experiences; whether it’s through their faith journey or skills that will benefit them. 

Overall, I believe service should be a part of daily life for everyone. As a part of leadership in my church, I am able to help others and myself create a stronger relationship with Jesus. I have other teens to talk to and guidance from adults in the church allowing me to grow in my prayer life. My involvement in my church, helps me grow closer with Jesus and through it I can strengthen my understanding of the Catholic beliefs and knowledge of the bible. The others in my youth group help bring me closer to Jesus by praying with me. We also talk about the bible and what various verses and passages mean. This allows us to become closer to Jesus and God.  

As part of leadership, I help others become stronger in their faith as well myself. We talk in groups on how our beliefs connect to our everyday lives. This allows us to strengthen our faith and grow in our relationships in life. I participated in a book club with other girls in our church where we could discuss friendships and how they connect to faith. I try to be very involved with my parish and community not just for my faith journey, but for others. Service and my relationship with Jesus are two extremely important things to me. I feel they are both needed to fully live your life in the best way possible.

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