New Year Faith Infographic
Happy 2019! Another year is upon us which brings fresh, new opportunities to commit to growing in your Catholic faith. This year, instead of making your list of typical New Year’s Resolutions, why not commit to making “Faith Resolutions” – to enrich your prayer life and bring you closer to Jesus.
Here are our favorites. Pick a few to get started and watch how your faith will come to life.

  1. Pray – Say a prayer each night before bed, and pray the rosary at least once a week.
  2. Read – Spend more time reading the Bible and try to read more books about the Catholic faith.
  3. Confess – Go to Confession each month.
  4. Listen – Listen to Catholic Radio and become more present in the world around you. Cut back on social media and Netflix.
  5. Invite – Host a priest for dinner or send a seminarian an inspirational gift or letter letting him know you are praying for him.
  6. Join – Get involved with your parish youth group or bible study.
  7. Give – Be generous with your time and money. Use the talents God has given you to be of service to others. (Don’t forget the 2019 Face Forward Service Awards coming this Spring!)
  8. Adopt – “Adopt” a seminarian in your diocese and keep him in your prayers.

Have a safe and blessed 2019!