Service In Action - Rachael Stacklin

As an altar server, youth group member, and pre-school religious education instructor, Rachael Stacklin does it all. Read more about her dedication to service and passion for sharing Jesus’s message.

I believe that service is the responsibility of all. As followers of Christ, it is vital for us to continue his work on Earth. Giving our time is one of the most important things to do in order to serve those in need. When serving others, you not only bring them joy, but you also find it yourself. Make sure you do not become complacent with where you are and continue to search for how you can serve and continue Christ’s work.

Throughout my years in my parish, I have had multiple influential adults that have guided me along my way. Out of all of these people, one has always been there for me and taught more than I could imagine. The one person that has been the most influential in my life is my mom. My mother has taken on many roles in my parish and not only led me but others in my church as well. She took on roles as a confirmation teacher and later the director of religious education at my parish. Seeing her donate time to help others inspired me to do the same. My mother has shown me the impact of how it is vital to follow the way of the cross and serve others around me.
After having been confirmed and having my mother as my teacher, I decided that I too wanted to share the message of the Church with younger generations. I want to go to college to be an early childhood education major, because of my passion for educating young children. I was able to gain real-world experience with teaching at my own parish. I am an aid for the pre-school religion class and am also a substitute teacher for where ever I am needed. Through helping others, I am in return gaining patience and understanding of how I can share Jesus’s message. Without my mother’s influence, I could have missed out the opportunity of sharing my gift with others.
Helping my community is also a lesson that my mother taught me at a young age. Saint Therese of Lisieux captured the essence of how important small deeds can be. Being able to do community service and other activities to help the less fortunate is something that I do not take for granted. Seeing how I can help others by donating my time makes me want to continue the work of the church and touch many lives like my mother. When my youth group went to the nursing home to sing Christmas carols I was amazed to see how just singing a few songs impacted others so much. One woman was moved to tears and she thanked us profusely. By spending just a couple hours of my day caroling, my youth group was able to bring joy to many individuals.
I have been extremely blessed to have my mother teach me so many important lessons in my life. By watching her, it has taught me that I want to use my gifts to help others. I have seen my mother use her gifts to help others, and I too want to be an inspiration to many. Helping those around will allow me to continue to grow and use the Gifts of the Spirit that I gained when I was confirmed. I pray that others have role models in their life that will allow them to realize the importance of using their own gifts for the benefit of all.
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