FF - Service Awards - Jaden Erwin
Service plays a big role in Jaden Erwin’s life. She received the Mother Teresa Service Award at Bishop Hartley for her outstanding volunteer hours. Jaden is also a Eucharistic minister and a lector. Read her entry below, which earned her a Face Forward Service Awards Runner-Up Award:

“I believe that volunteering is a two way street, not only do our actions make a difference within our communities, but we as loving and caring individuals feel a sense of happiness, self-worth and pride in return. By volunteering, we can be a part of something bigger than just ourselves, we have the ability to positively impact someone else’s life and the opportunity to make a difference and lend our skills towards a greater cause.”

I have been fortunate within both my parish and school to have had the opportunity to come in contact with some great mentors and role models.
It is very hard to just choose one, but the reason I am picking the person I am is because they entered my life at a time when I was truly open to receive and act upon the message they were sending. As a freshman in high school, I was apprehensive as most new students are and I felt a little lost in such a big place filled with so many students. It wasn’t until I arrived in my freshman religion class that I felt like I was home. My teacher, Mr. Dinovo, was the answer to my prayers! He not only taught me the subject material required, but more importantly, he showed me through his actions what it meant to care selflessly about others. He taught each and every day with a positive attitude and exhibited the behaviors avd actions of the kind of person I wanted to grow up and be like.
As time went on I found myself more and more eager to get to his class and listen to the stories he told that brought the life of Jesus into modern times, in a manner in which all the students could relate. He inspires his students to live life to its fullest, giving 100% in all that we do and most importantly, to look not at what we have, but what we can do with all that we have. After leaving his class each day I couldn’t wait to leave the school and pass on all that I had learned.
I feel that I can make a difference and if a person doesn’t have anyone like Mr. Dinovo in their lives, then I want to be that person for them! By living our faith, spreading the word and reaching out and helping to serve others, we can make this world a better place.