Quo Vadis Columbus Retreat
Where is God leading you? What is his plan for your life? Ultimately, the answer to this question is Happiness. That is his plan for you. This Happiness will be completely fulfilled only in the life of heaven, but each of us can find some share in this Happiness now and one day share fully in it by following where God is leading us. This means knowing and living our Vocation, the life that God is calling us to live for our own growth in holiness and for building the Kingdom of God on earth.

Since entering the seminary to discern a vocation to the priesthood, I have experienced abiding joy and peace. Through prayer and the help of many wonderful priests, I have come to know that this is who God made me to be. Is God possibly calling you to the priesthood? Come to the Quo Vadis Columbus Retreat to take the next step in knowing and following God’s plan for your life. Bishop Campbell often says that that unless you know your vocation and embrace it with love and joy you will never be truly happy. God’s plan is only for your happiness, so be not afraid to follow where he is going.

–Seminarian Seth Keller, 3rd Theology