In Their Footsteps: John Clore

NAME: John Clore

SCHOOL: Tuscarawas Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School

PARISH: Sacred Heart

If I could model myself after one person I think it would be Father Jeff Conning, the pastor at Sacred Heart Church in New Philadelphia.

I chose him because he always gives good advice no matter the situation. He makes jokes about me but I know that is because he cares. He also is a good teacher, if anyone has a question about anything, but in particular about the Catholic faith, he usually knows the answer or he can find it. I used to have this feeling that priests were better than everyone else but that changed after Father Jeff came to Sacred Heart. When I first met Father Jeff he was very personable and relatable which made me understand that priests are people too. My mother works in the parish office so I see him more often than usual. After a while he started picking on me because he knew that it did not effect me and he found it quite entertaining. Through all of this I knew that priests are just regular people with special jobs and training, and this made me think. I thought of how priests are people but they are also holy enough to celebrate the sacraments, even the Eucharist. It is the most important sacrament of them all because we are receiving Jesus. He is walking in the steps of Christ by helping everyone he can with all the knowledge he has. He is always out and about to do what he can around the community. He also prays a lot and celebrated mass.

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