In Their Footsteps: William Davis

In Their Footsteps - William

NAME: William Davis

SCHOOL: St. Charles

PARISH: St. Vincent de Paul

If I could model myself after any person, I would model myself after Anthony Pinto.

Anthony is a fantastic seminarian who currently attends the Josephinum. Anthony has impressed others and myself with his prudence, compassion, and selflessness through his interactions. I appreciate his Prudence, as he seems to stay calm under pressure and will find a way to make things happen and just roll with the punches. His genuine compassion is that which is not often matched by your standard person. Anthony gives you the sense that he legitimately cares about your situation and will help you have the confidence to not only achieve your goals but to raise the bar and become what God made you to be, your fullest self. Selflessness is one of the most remarkable qualities of Anthony. Anthony had it made, he came from a wealthy family living in Miami, Florida, he was a race car driver and had profitable skills but he gave it all up to help others, to follow God’s call and enter the seminary. If I can achieve these profound qualities I will certainly be on the right track to fulfilling God’s plan. Anthony is walking in the steps of Christ by treating others in outstanding ways by being a man of God in his word and deed.