In Their Footsteps: Andrew Berger

Andrew Berger St. Pius X

NAME:  Andrew Berger

SCHOOL: Bishop Hartley

PARISH: St. Pius X

I am extremely blessed to have many adults, especially teachers, priests, and seminarians, to model myself after in my life. However, if I were to point to one person, I would choose seminarian Pushkar Baum, who grew in St. Francis De Sales Parish in Newark. Push and I became close when he was stationed to help out at St. Pius X last summer. Push has an ability to connect and relate to people of all ages, a servant attitude who puts others first, and an inspiring sense of spiritual maturity. I had the opportunity to lead Vacation Bible School with Push by working the recreation and games station. I admired him for his ability to communicate with kids in both kindergarten and sixth grade with ease. He never ceases to have a servant attitude by putting others before himself. When I think of Push, I think of the motto “I am third”. I definitely can attest to Pushkar putting God first in his life, then others, and finally himself. As Christ said Himself, “Those who wish to be first must be last of all and servants of all” (Mark 9:35). He leads with a motive of serving others, just as Jesus did, and it provides me with an example to follow. Push also has a mature sense of spirituality and he is strong in his faith.

Currently I am discerning the priesthood, and Push has been a huge help to me and discerning my call. His mature faith has been awesome to look up to. I am thankful for his openness, enough to the point that I am able to come to him to discuss my own faith where he can share wisdom and experience. I see Push as an older brother and friend who is there to serve others and lead others closer to Christ. I will continue to model myself after Pushkar as we both strive to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.