Have you ever been asked, “Have you ever thought about being a priest/nun”? After being asked this did you think, maybe, but where do I begin?
First, ask yourself what Christ stirs in your heart. When you think of His sacrifices, see if it makes you want to follow Him and devote your life to Him.
Second, reflect on the gifts that God has given to you such as the gift of life, the gift of faith or the gift of your friends and family. Ask yourself if you look at life different than your friends and family and see if you are receiving signs pointing you in the direction of a vocation.
Third, speak with a priest, deacon, seminarian or nun and ask them for advice. Disclose your thoughts about discerning a vocation and see if they can spot any obstacles that you cannot see. If they don’t see any obstacles, then look more closely at the vocation.
Fourth, visit a seminary or community that attracts you and see what God stirs in your heart while you are there. See if you can picture yourself there. Also, take time to speak with the vocations director and see if he recommends taking further steps toward a vocation.
Lastly, your feelings may be fickle; they can change daily. One day you may be so positive that you find it impossible to doubt a thing, and the next day you can be so doubtful that you can’t see clearly. However, it is important to be as level as possible with your feelings. This means basing your decision on reasons and intentions that are concrete and lasting and not just feelings. Even though positive feelings can help you begin the exploration of a vocation it should not be the reason you choose a vocation.
If you are considering a vocation to the priesthood and have more questions, contact Father Paul Noble, Director of Vocations at pnoble@columbuscatholic.org or (614) 221-5565.