Maxweel Freeman
School: St. Francis DeSales
Parish: St. Paul School
Parish Involvement:
My parish involvement is unique. As a 17 year old I haven’t been given the greatest amount of opportunities, but I have still made an impact. In the future, after my graduation, I would like to go on a gospel road faith journey to give back. For the parish I, along with my father, sponsored a girls volleyball team. We coached them and led them to a very successful season. As I’m sure most people do I as well, I also contribute to the parish simply by attending mass on Sunday’s and giving a small token of donation.
Service Performed:
As I have mentioned previously, the service I value most is helping out on a girls volleyball team. I am a volleyball player and I was able to use my skill and knowledge of the game to teach the sport to some 10 year old girls who have never played before. Two days a week we would have practice and then on Saturday’s we would play and my dad and I would watch the girls and coach them up. This service was meaningful to me because I was able to see the girls grow and that is what sports are for, to grow in character, ability, but most importantly faith, which is why we started every practice with a little prayer.
The Importance of Service: 
Service is important. The only way to be aware of how lucky you are is to see the people who are not so lucky. Service has allowed me to see I have been blessed by God. Service has taught me to pay it back. In order to give thanks and praise to God, I am going to serve those who are not as blessed. Whether it be teaching and coaching, donating clothes, or serving lunch to those at the soup kitchen, I must help out and do what I can. The best part about service is that it is not hard. All it takes is an open heart and the proper mindset. One could have nothing in life but I would guarantee if they have the proper mindset, they will be successful. Service requires an open heart to just see what people have, and to give what will help, and what is needed. I love service because of how appreciative people are. It is crazy how almost every service organization is in need of help when it is our duty to help. In my life I just want to do a few things. Be open, be mindful, and give back. I can do all these through a small service activity and I plan to do just that. Service is important, it always will be, and will always be necessary for a proper life.