Kevin Gallagher
School: St. Charles Preparatory School
Parish: St. Pius X
Parish Involvement:
I have been an altar server at St. Pius for almost 5 years. During my 8th grade year, I was awarded the Serra Award by the diocese. I also volunteer at our parish festival by helping to run kids games. This past year, I helped to paint the walls and bleachers in the school gymnasium. Each spring, I help the Knights of Columbus spread mulch throughout the school and church grounds. In December, I assisted with decorating the church for Christmas. I have also help with the St. Pius X Athletic Association’s annual volleyball camp as a camp counselor.
Service Performed:
I have volunteered numerous times at Shepherd’s Corner by harvesting vegetables from their garden to be donated to a local food pantry. While I was an eighth grader, I became involved with a project to provide books to children who were living in supportive housing. Through numerous donations, I was able to collect over 250 books for Homeport, an agency that provides housing for those in need. I was invited to come to one of their communities to present the books to the children and was so overwhelmed by how excited the children were that I decided to increase my efforts. The following year, I collected over 2,000 books. I was able to share these books with other supportive housing agencies and some senior living facilities.
The Importance of Service: 
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta once said “Faith in action is love-and love in action is service”. This is a call to service to follow the commandment that Jesus proclaimed in John’s gospel to “love one another as I have loved you”. Faith in action is being called to do God’s will. Love in action is showing compassion through service. It is important to help people that may not be able to help themselves. This was made evident in Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. As Catholics, we are called to help others as a way for us to follow Christ. There are many charities and programs to help those who are less fortunate. I have found an inner peace giving of my time to help some of these organizations. There are so many people who need assistance in so many ways, that I wish there were more hours in the day that I could devote to helping others. Service is more than giving to a charity or giving up time for a service project. It should be a part of everyday life. Opening a door for someone, doing chores around the house, and lending an ear to a friend in need are also types of service that people often take for granted. These small acts of kindness can often be the type of “pick me up” that can make someone’s day. Service is important to me because helping others is the right thing to do and I want to be involved in the community as much as possible. It makes me feel good to know that my actions can have a positive effect on our society.