School: Bishop Watterson High School
Parish: Saint Timothy
Parish Involvement:
I am involved in my parish youth group, run by Caitlin Simmonds. Caitlin and I are close friends and I have attended benefit dinners with her and the youth group for homeless youth in the past. I am apart of the leadership group that Caitlin initially set up to aid the youth group and set up activities. My mother, Barbara, a close family friend, Martin Danielle, and I are all co-chairs for Saint Timothy’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner. I have been working the Spaghetti Dinner since I was in the second grade. I put in around 36 hours in a 3 day period on the weekend of the Spaghetti Dinner. I went along with Bishop Watterson to Gospel Road this summer in Circleville. Saint Timothy and the youth group met us up there and we were involved with group activities.
Service Performed:
I have been working the Spaghetti Dinner since I was in the second grade. I put in around 36 hours in a 3 day period on the weekend of the Spaghetti Dinner with my mother. I run errands for my mother and Martin and I make sure that the dinner is running smoothly. I pick up extra shifts of waiting tables and dishwashing during the day of the dinner. This summer I participated in the L.I.F.E Guard program at Camp Akita, a Christian camp run out of First Community Church. We aided around the camp by setting up activities and serving meals to the children. This program was over the course of two weeks and I had an amazing time connecting with my spirituality and God by doing service. Also last summer I participated in Gospel Road by doing mini service projects in the Circleville area. I painted rooms in people’s homes as well as cleaning the elderly’s homes because of their decreased mobility.
The Importance of Service: 
Christ calls everyone in the world to partake in service. Service helps me grow closer in Christ’s mission because we are called to personally take care of the earth, which God has created for us to take care of. The environment is a big factor in which we are called serve and I have served the earth and His people through the multiple service sites I have served at and continue to serve. I know how important serving the community around you is because my father lost his job in the midst of the Great Recession of 2008. The people in my parish at Saint Timothy were extremely helpful getting us what we needed when we needed it and through this I saw the Service is very important in my life because I have been blessed enough to go to a private school for the past nine years and have been awarded many opportunities that people cannot afford as I have. I love doing service and being able to give back to my community because Christ has called every single person to serve people as well as they can. When I serve people such as the elderly or serving for younger children, I feel directly connected to God in a way that I cannot feel otherwise. I plan on taking a gap year to travel and do multiple volunteer opportunities in under-developed countries and I am also interested in joining the Peace Corps after I graduate college. I plan on bringing God and Christ’s mission to these different places that I serve and will serve at. I give back to my community whenever I can because I used to volunteer at the Humane Society. I gave back to my community by serving some of the most defenseless members of our world, animals. By serving at the Spaghetti Dinner at my parish, I am giving back to the amazing people that helped my family and I as we were struggling to get by. Christ calls everyone to serve and I feel that I have serve adequately and will continue to serve until I can no longer.