School: Bishop Hartley
Parish: St. Thomas
Parish Involvement:
I lecture on a regular basis and help out with any church functions or events.
Service Performed:
I am part of a program called MBK (My brothers keeper) which is through St.Charles High school. I have a child from CCA that I mentor every Tuesday of every week. I have been part of MBK since the beginning of Sophomore year. I also help out with at my church and volunteer for any functions or events they have. I go back to my feeder school (All Saints Academy) periodically and help with events or simply help the janitor clean.
The Importance of Service: 
A community is something we are all born into. From the time we are introduced to this strange new world we are part of a community that gladly welcomes us. A church community is one of the most important communities that we can be a part of. This is because we are all linked by a common belief in Catholicism, and which makes us a much closer community than a neighborhood or a society. For a community to successfully function it must have service. Service is like a currency within a community. If you serve those around you then they will serve you in return. The reason service is so important is because when help others we are also serving God and giving back to our community. When we commit an act of service it is pure and free. Service does not cost anything and is one of those joys in life we provide do for free, like love. In a true act of service you don’t expect anything in return. But when you do an act of service you do indeed receive something in return. You may gain experience and knowledge or just the wonderful feeling that is only experienced by helping someone else. In a larger sense you are giving back to the community that has provided you with so much. The most important aspect of service is that it is essential to a community and is the pure essence of giving back to a community. It is very important to give back to a community because if no one gave back then there wouldn’t be a community. It is also important because a community does so much for you, it’s only fair that you give back. The best way to give to a community is through service towards others within your community. This is why service and communities fit so well together, because communities thrive on service; service is the best way to repay community. It is also important to give back to your community because that service is self-perpetuating. If someone commits an act of service for someone else, it’s likely that they will pay that service forward and help someone else. So it is important to give back so that this cycle keeps going and the community can thrive.