Johnathan Thomas
School: Bishop Watterson
Parish: St. Timothy
Parish Involvement:
I Went to saint timothy from kindergarten, all they way through to 8th grade. I loved Saint Timothy, and besides going to church every Sunday, I have frequently helped out with youth group. I have also helped with boy scouts, service projects at Saint Tim’s, and also going to speak to the current students at Saint Timothy that will soon be Watterson eagles! I Love being involved with my parish, and I plan to stay involved through out my senior year, and for years to come after that.
Service Performed:
I really started getting involved in service my sophomore year at Bishop Watterson, with our sophomore service site. the service site I went with is buddy-up for down syndrome tennis. I absolutely loved it! I met my required hours quickly, but continued going after that. my most recent, and biggest service project I took on was fill up the truck. fill up the truck is something Watterson has every year, it is teams of students competing to get the most donations for the Holy Family Soup kitchen downtown. every year our service director sets the goal for a minimum of one thousand donations for each team. This year I thought one thousand? I knew we could do better, for weeks straight I spent countless hours driving all over the city getting donations, I lead my team to doing things no other team has ever done before, I didn’t sleep, and all I could think about was my one goal, and that was to get as many donations as I could possible get in just a short number of weeks. 10 tanks of gas later, over 1,500 bags placed on different houses, and hundreds of phone calls later, it was over. the record for any team ever before us was 2,500 My team had over ELEVEN THOUSAND donations, and over 7 thousand of them were just from me, and my individual hard work. over all this was defiantly the most accomplishing thing I have done in a long time, every single teacher congratulated me, and praised me for the hard work I did, but that’s really not what I cared about, it felt great to give back, and If I wont this award I would probably spend most of the money for the holy family soup kitchen, because they are amazing and deserve the same special treatment we all want to be treated with. I now have over 70 hours of service, and plan to get well over 100 hours by the end of this summer, and will defiantly be leading a fill up the truck team next year, with plans of doubling our eleven thousand items we had this year!
The Importance of Service: 
It is hard to right an essay like this, because I don’t think people can truly understand how important service is until they actually do it. I was never against service, but was originally skeptical about it. I believe service is like a calling for everyone, God calls all of us to serve one another, but I also believe each person has a specific service that they are meant to be involved in. Serving at buddy up tennis was the first time I received the most unconditional love from so many of people it was unreal. so many people were suddenly so happy to see me, they loved me, and they didn’t even really know me. It is almost unreal. I believe it is important to serve, and give back to the community, because it is an act that is spread and shared by person to person. i think of it as serving someone, so that they can then serve someone else. when you find the service that is right and meant for you, you will then feel the same unbelievable amount of love, that will be so unbelievably overwhelming, you will know that what you are doing matters, and what you are doing makes a difference. Sometimes the most important things are things you don’t get paid for, but that just shows how money isn’t everything, service is a perfect example of how simple acts of love and kindness, can benefit someone else, but also give you the rewarding outcome that you want and need, and also deserve.