School: St. Charles Preparatory School
Parish: St. Andrew
Parish Involvement:
I have been an acolyte since 5th grade at St. Andrew Parish. In addition, I am also an Extraordinary Minister, I have volunteered at my parish festival for the previous five years, and I bring the Eucharist to Crown Pointe Nursing Home. I was awarded the Sera Club Award in 2013, and I also graduated from St. Andrew School.
Service Performed:
I am a volunteer at Riverside Methodist Hospital (helping discharge patients, newspaper and card delivery, welcome desk), I have been on Staff for the Catholic Scout Camporee for the past four years (and am still active), I am an active Eagle Scout and participate in annual service projects (i.e. place flags at area cemeteries on Memorial Day), an active member with my school’s chapter of the National Honor Society performing services for numerous organizations (i.e. canned goods for area food banks, Mitten and Hat drive), I have volunteered at the Mid-Ohio Furniture Bank (assemble and paint furniture, organize work area), and have volunteered at the Bishop’s Annual Golf Outing. My Eagle Scout project raised over 250 pairs of shoes and raised over $500 for the San Lucas Guatemalan Mission in Guatemala.
The Importance of Service:
I am an acolyte and Extraordinary Minister for St. Andrew Parish, and I am also an Eagles Scout. In many of the activities I take part in, I strive to help others and encourage those around me to do the same, hoping that by observing my kind actions, Christ’s message of charity is passed on and spread to others through positive actions. I have also been on staff for the Catholic Scout Camporee for the past four years, and one of the most rewarding aspects of working this activity is knowing that the youth are receiving a more personal and relatable understanding of the Word of Christ. I believe that as I act as messenger of Christ, the true benefit comes by passing on the traditions and teachings of the Church to younger generations, ensuring the preservation of our faith. I also volunteer at Riverside Methodist Hospital. One of the Volunteer Services’ Cardinal Values is to pass on the teachings of Christ to all those whom we interact and come int contact with. I strive to display joviality and humility when assisting patients, and the reward I receive coming from patients is their thanks and gratitude for helping them while in a time need. Through my service work at my parish and school, as well as Boy Scouts, I have come to realize the benefits and grace as a result of cheerful-service, helping those in need while maintaining an air of joyfulness, and through my service to others, I feel rewarded knowing that I have benefited the lives of others while simultaneously spreading the word and actions of God. I have changed my view as “service as required” to service as personal fulfillment, having come to greatly appreciate the feeling of true joy and happiness when working hard and returning tired, knowing that no matter how small of an impact I have made in someone’s life, I was able to pass on the Word of God to those who need it most.