School: Tuscarawas Central Catholic Jr./ Sr. High School
Parish: St. Joseph
Parish Involvement:
In my Parish, I am an Altar Server, Cantor, member of the Teen Choir, Eucharistic Minister, and member of the Parish Youth Group. I also volunteer at the Parish’s Soup Kitchen.
Service Performed:
I have served God by giving my time and talents to Him. By cantoring, serving, and ministering, I have expressed my dedication to not only God but also to the people of the church. Through participation in Youth Group I have the opportunity to try new things and help those who are forgotten or ignored. Youth Group opens me up to more opportunities to help people of the community and learn about the the fifth and God along the way. Over the years I have also been a part of the Basketball program for Special Olympics of Ohio. With this organization, I am able to meet new and exciting people by keeping scores of the games and helping out wherever I can be of assistance.
The Importance of Service: 
Every human was made to know, love, and serve God in this world and in the next. We serve God by serving those we interact with everyday as well as those who are a part of the community and need assistance. Through service we learn the importance of giving back to those who serve us and the need for God in our lives. If we did not have God where would we be? We would not exist or even be a thought. We need to be appreciative of our lives and each day. We can do this by sharing our time, treasures, and God-given talents through service and community work. By engaging in service, individuals can come to understand or further their understanding about the virtues of faith, hope, and charity with a main focus on the virtue of charity. Service teaches people how to be grateful for what they possess, appreciative for the wonderful people they know and the community they are a part of, as well as, learn useful skills that can be used through their lives. Serving others sets an example and can motivate citizens, especially Christians, to serve others who need their help and assistance. Giving back to the community and performing a service, provides others with a sense of responsibility and meaning. Service and helping others has a great affect on the individual because it has a strong influence on the way people live their lives and on how they look at life as a whole and their own lives. Finally, the service performed and giving back to the community teaches everyone that what one person can achieve should never be underestimated. That one person could start a foundation that changes the world or they could change the way service and giving back is organized and carried out.