School: St. Francis DeSales High School
Parish: St. Paul the Apostle
Parish Involvement:
I attend mass at both St. Elizabeth and St. Paul Parishes. I finished confirmation class at St. Elizabeth and volunteered to work their library lending cart.
Service Performed:
I have served by volunteering at the Westerville Public Library summer reading program , WARM summer lunch program, Holy Family Soup Kitchen Pantry, picking up trash for a period of weeks around Hoover Reservoir , and organizing a neighborhood canned food drive.
The Importance of Service:
“The time has come for new messengers of Christ, ever more generous, more joyful, and more holy.” – Pope Francis. This quote shows exactly how messengers of Christ should be. It is important to me and I made it my goal to follow the Pope’s advice and be a messenger of Christ through parish involvement and service. Going to mass every week is just part of the job. You also have to understand that getting the Eucharist is a promise to serve. My family and I serve in our community whenever we can. This past year we have volunteered at the Westerville Public Library, Holy Family Soup Kitchen, W.A.R.M., and others. When I volunteer at the library, I am supporting literacy and education while helping with the summer reading program. Education is very important for the future of our community. In addition, my high school had an emergency canned food drive for a local food pantry that was out of food. I got involved by organizing a neighborhood food drive in my subdivision. My neighbors helped me gather 123 total cans for the poor and homeless that are served by the pantry. I have also helped stock and organize the Holy Family Soup Kitchen to serve the hungry in Columbus. Also, there are poverty stricken schoolchildren in Westerville that go hungry during the summers when they are not in school. I help serve them hot lunches through W.A.R.M. while also playing games with them. Finally, keeping the environment clean and safe for animals around Hoover Dam greatly helps our community. This is why I picked up 52 gallons of trash there so far. Just showing up to serve isn’t enough. You have to serve with God to really spread the message. It is important to serve your community in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. With people like us serving, these communities will be a better place to live and less people would suffer.