The two most important times in our lives are now and at the hour of our death. This is probably instantly recognizable to all to us because it comes straight our of the Hail Mary prayer which we all have recited countless times n our lives. We all have a tendency to put off what we should whether it is going to the doctor, becoming more involved in our faith and even helping those we know who need our help.
However, tomorrow is not promised to us, we never know what today will bring. Therefore, while the summer is upon us and hopefully while our lives are a little more relaxed, because we may be able to take some time off and see family and friends, we need to take stock of our lives. A common story of priests visiting people on their deathbed is hearing tales of what could have been. Too many people lament spending too much time on frivolous activities and carrying grudges against family members and old friends.
Let this summer be the time we realize that the two most important times in our lives are not and at the hour of our death, which of course is not known to us. Taking stock of our lives this summer might give us some peace of mind, which is a rare gift.
Dave Hartline is a Catholic writer, who graduated from Marion Catholic High School and Ohio University. He has also been a Catholic school teacher, coach and administrator in the Diocese of Columbus. He currently is the Stewardship and Development Director at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Powell. He is the author of various articles as well as two Catholic books. He is the author of an book on unreported “Good News” in the Catholic Church published by St. Benedict Press.