Joy is a special condition and a very happy way to live. All to often, in our fast paced modern world, we become stressed, frazzled and wonder where all of our energy and happiness went. Yet, God gives us opportunities to put our lives in balance. We can’t seem to see the trees for the forest.

Weather certainly can help. Lately our weather has begun to turn and thus it certainly makes one’s day seem happier. We can all relate to living here in Ohio and not seeing the sun for a week in a cold winter or wet spring. It can play tricks with your mind, we when good weather comes we appreciate it.

Joy certainly adds years on to your life while rage and anger can take many years off your life. This is not to say that all anger is bad. Jesus displayed anger but it was righteous anger, not a threatening display of theater. We can show anger if it is righteous and is necessary to prevent a greater evil. Living with rage and anger is no way to live, so in addition to looking inward, what about trying to help those we know who seem to have little joy in their lives? This may be your way of helping spread a little joy in your own corner of the world.

Dave Hartline is a Catholic writer, who graduated from Marion Catholic High School and Ohio University. He has also been a Catholic school teacher, coach and administrator in the Diocese of Columbus. He currently is the Stewardship and Development Director at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Powell. He is the author of various articles as well as two Catholic books. He is the author of an book on unreported “Good News” in the Catholic Church published by St. Benedict Press.