Easter Season

flowers and sunrise

Easter didn’t end last Sunday. Easter Season continues until Pentecost. Therefore, we have every right to celebrate. No better time than the present to try and pay a little back or forward (depending upon your view) for our good fortune. We all know people near and dear to us who could use some sort of help, whether it is a spiritual boost, a little help around the house, or some sort of monetary gift. Now reflect on those folks who we really don’t know, whether they are local or reside in some distant location, who need our help. Now is a good time to help them in some way.

While we are helping others we might want to look within and think about what we personally need to do for the betterment of ourselves. As warm weather approaches and hopefully a vacation to a place where we can forget about the cares of the world for a little while, there’s nothing like reflecting on a charitable action. Those giving memories are ones that feel good deep down and don’t result in any guilt. Let’s all keep this in mind as we celebrate the Easter Season.

Dave Hartline is a Catholic writer, who graduated from Marion Catholic High School and Ohio University. He has also been a Catholic school teacher, coach and administrator in the Diocese of Columbus. He currently is the Stewardship and Development Director at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Powell. He is the author of various articles as well as two Catholic books. He is the author of an book on unreported “Good News” in the Catholic Church published by St. Benedict Press.