Name: Dominic Straquadine
Parish: St. Mary, Marion
School: Ridgedale High School
Parish Involvement:
I am involved in the Marion St. Mary LifeTeen youth group, the church choir, and am a former server and lector. While a part of LifeTeen, I have been introduced to many new opportunities of service through our Pancake Breakfast fundraisers and Jewelry sales.
Describe Your Service Performed:
Once again, while being a member of LifeTeen, I have been introduced to many new opportunities of service through our Pancake Breakfast fundraisers and jewelry sales. I have also assisted with Vacation Bible School in the Summer of 2012. As a member of the choir at St. Mary, I have been able to do the thing I love doing the most…singing. I am able to sing for the Lord. There is no greater feeling for me than singing with all of my heart and soul for the Lord Jesus Christ. I have been a member of the choir since January and have not looked back on that decision to join. As a former altar server, I have been given insight as to how the mass functions and have been given the opportunity to assist in the preparation of the bread and wine and to witness the consecration of said items into the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. In conclusion, I have only been the lector for two masses, but I have felt the presence of the Lord go through me as I have proclaimed His word. I hold the Catholic Church very closely to me and it means a lot to me that I have been given the opportunities I have to do the things that I love doing.
Essay on the importance of service and giving back to the community:
Hello. I am Dominic Straquadine, a parishioner at St. Mary Church and a Senior at Ridgedale High School. The majority of my high school life has been dedicated to service. Being a volunteer is something that so many of us dread, because we do not want to more work than we already do. The purpose of service is to help those who can not help themselves. I am involved in LifeTeen, which has sponsored many service projects and most of which I have been a volunteer for. The need for more volunteers everywhere is extremely high, but none more than the areas known as “Third World Countries”, such as Haiti, which suffered from a powerful earthquake in 2010 and Nepal, which recently was stricken by an earthquake. The people within those countries were already struggling to make it through their days and now, their struggle is more difficult than it ever has been. Those people need to know that there are others in this world that care for them and are looking out for them. Without a service industry, where would we be? The many people that rely on programs, such as Meals on Wheels, would starve to death. Not always do they get their meals, especially during the Winter season when it is snowy and icy. My experience as a volunteer has been an amazing one. I know that I am doing a good thing when I see a smile on the people’s faces and they say “Thank you!”. I often wonder…why do so many people think of themselves before others, especially in dire situations. I have helped at the food pantry in Kirkpatrick, with Fair Gates during the Marion County Fair. I have worked more than my fair share during the Fair Gates. It is supposed to be that I work only one day when my group or organization is scheduled. I worked the entire day during my day and came back for the rest of the week and worked all four shifts. There is no greater feeling in the world than helping others. The Ridgedale Leo Club is an organization that I have been a part of since my Freshman year. We do many service projects, and we are getting prepared to have our annual work day at the Chapel Hill House in Morral. Chapel Hill is a retreat center for children with cancer. Last year, we painted the front fence and replaced a few boards. It is a privilege for me to do the things that I do. Like I said, there is no greater feeling than knowing that you might have just given a person another day to live.