Name: LeeAnn Sapp
Parish: St. Brendan
School: St. Brendan
Parish Involvement:
In the St. Brendan parish, I have read readings at our school masses as well as in Sunday Masses with my mother. I have also brought up the blood and wine to the priest during the Mass. At St. Brendan Church, I have volunteer my time to be an usher. Being a member of my parish has given me responsibility. Parish involvement does not mean to go to Church every Sunday, but to participate in the Mass. My mother and I do readings together at Mass and we both enjoy reading the Bible in front of people. I have participated in after Church activities like Life Teen and Vacation Bible School. These activities have helped me strength my relationship with God. Life Teen is one way that I grow closer to God. We gather every Sunday after Church and talk about the readings. We share stories from when we encounter God. Vacation Bible School has really touched my heart when I volunteer my time. I love being with younger kids and setting a great example on having a great relationship with Jesus Christ. My parish has helped me strength my relationship with Christ and I am extremely thankful for that.
Describe Your Service Performed:
Service is a lesson that I have learn at St. Brendan. Being at St. Brendan I have participated in Soup Kitchen. Often I have gone to the Mid- Ohio Food Bank and packed the boxes for them. Vacation Bible School I have been a assistant helper and guided the youth. At St. Brendan I have volunteered my time many times at the fish frys. These activities have inspired me to help anyone in need.
Essay on the importance of service and giving back to the community:
Service is the action of helping or doing work for someone. Doing service for someone gives satisfaction because you are helping. At St. Brendan they teach you to serve God and one another and that has inspired me to serve someone when they are in need and God. My parish, St. Brendan, has given me multiple ways I can serve one another and God and I am extremely thankful for those opportunities. Service can be both positive and negative but it is your choice to make it positive or negative. Whether I have to do service for school or not, I still enjoy giving my time to someone who needs help. have participated in my parish’s fish fry and gave my time to them. During the fish fry, I get to serve my community. They are many opportunities for service in my parish. In my life I have participated in and gave my time to Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Soup Kitchen, Vacation Bible School and Fish Fry. Many times, my mother and I pack boxes for the Mid- Ohio Food Bank. They always need help and I love giving back to the community. Another way my family helps serve the Mid- Ohio Food Bank is donating money and items. Mid- Ohio Food Bank is a way I can give back to the community. Often I volunteer my time at Vacation Bible School at St. Brendan. I am typically an assistant group leader and help out with teaching and guiding the younger youth. Being with younger kids have taught me to be patience and to act positive. I have learned to be caring and to be open to different points of view. At Vacation Bible School, I have experienced different activities. Service is a big part in creating a positive legacy.