Name: Alexander Freewalt
Parish: Saint Margaret of Cortorna
School: Hilliard Darby High School
Parish Involvement:
I go there to worship each Sunday and saint Margaret Youth Group.
Describe Your Service Performed:
Handing out food and bags at my perish and with Saint lawerence haven’s staff. Catholic social services Service Saturday several times. Life alliances meals wheels. I performed Service projects with my boy scout troop.
Essay on the importance of service and giving back to the community:
I am a boy scout and in order to become a new rank you usually need to do six hours of service. I had done four hours but I didn’t know what else I could do to get the remaining. Then form out of nowhere my dad and active Boy Scout member and Catholic diocese worker, came up with the idea to help the service edition that gives food and water to the homeless and poor of Columbus. I decided that it was good idea so in about a week my brother, my dad, and I went to provide service. My faith in God during that time was very weak, I doubted that he existed and that there was any hope for the people that believed or disbelieved. I was on the verge of becoming an atheist. As we drove I didn’t really give any thought to what I was actually going to do, was concentrated on something obscure and meaningless. When we arrived, I was less impressed, we were at an average building with a door that led to a basement. We slowly walked done the small steps to the basement, was full of people I didn’t know and didn’t really care to know. I was just here for the service hours. After many minutes of awkwardly sitting around we were assigned positions. I was assigned handing out bags. I don’t even get to hand out anything useful, I thought which made my mood even more gloomy. Then the first people arrived they were wearing tattered clothes and had eyes that had seen what I could only imagine, their face was very unreadable. They came to and I handed them a bag they went on to the back after saying politely “Thank you.” More people came and went like this polite with positive attitudes when in reality they weren’t in a very good position. During the pauses of people I thought to myself. Before I wondered why do the people who give out food to the homeless truly do it? Now I know why to help their struggling fellow man survive. To make others have the bare substance to help them off the ground and try to do good. At that moment I realized that is all God wants you to do, help his creation with the free will that he gave you. Because they may not have what is necessary to help themselves fast enough. Now, I’ve decided to look more into what being a Catholic really is and try to understand what God wants his people to do. Because of this experience I now know that helping the unfortunate can help build faith and give people what they need to survive.