Name: Abigail Minzler
Parish: Immaculate Conception
School: Bishop Watterson
Parish Involvement:
My parish involvement includes doing my sophomore service project at Immaculate Conception with their PSR program. I also volunteer at the YWCA family center with my parish on the third Friday of every month. Over the past few years I have volunteered at Immaculate Conception’s vacation bible school over the summer.
Describe Your Service Performed:
My service includes working at the YWCA family center every month, with second graders in PSR, coaching Science Olympiad for Immaculate Conception, vacation bible school over the summer, and a yearly mission trip to El Zorrilo, Mexico.
Essay on the importance of service and giving back to the community:
Service to others is something you can’t define perfectly. Yes it’s helping others but, it’s so much more than that. It’s about the joy you bring to the people you’re serving and the impact you have on their lives even if it’s minimal. Not only does it have an impact on their lives but it has a major impact on your life too. Last year when I was in Mexico for a mission trip we went to lunch and the house was almost finished. When we got back to the site the foreman, who had stayed behind, told us that while we were gone the grandmother who we were building the house for was showing her grandkids and daughter how the door to the house locked. They were over the moon about that. It really puts in perspective the difference in our lives to theirs. Having locks on our doors is something so simple you don’t even think about it. To them it’s a blessing because it means more safety than they had before. If you are put in a privileged position you need to volunteer to help somewhere. It’s about being able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand where they’re coming from so you can help them better. Volunteering at the YWCA family center has had a larger impact on me than I thought it would. You realize how close to home poverty can hit. Even if you only get one “thank you” the entire night and everyone else is rude, it’s worth it. You know for a fact that you changed them even if it’s only in the slightest way because they know someone cares about them. The feeling you get from volunteering couldn’t possibly be described fully in 300 words, it’s incredible and rewarding.