The End of Advent and the Start of a New Day


Christmas Eve will be here Thursday and Christmas on Friday. You may recall that last Sunday was Gaudete Sunday; it is memorable for the priests as they generally wear their rose-colored vestments. All of these signs and symbols are important reminds that the birth of Jesus is soon upon us. What does that mean in 2015? It means we know the ending of the story, something the apostles and disciples didn’t know. If only we had their faith!

At this weekend’s Masses, and all of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Masses, a special book will be given out to each family, a gift of the parish and some very generous parishioners. However well we know our faith, a little boost couldn’t hurt, which will make us not only more knowledgeable about our faith, but more giving as well. Perhaps you think you know your faith pretty well, or perhaps you think you’re really in sad shape and perhaps it might be better used by someone else. Keep in mind; we are never as knowledgeable or giving as we can be, and we are never too far gone for the Lord to reach out and get us back on track.

Advent and Christmas are a time of new beginnings. Just as we entered a new Church Year a few weeks ago, so you too can begin and get a jump start on your New Year’s resolutions. It all begins with God’s grace and the babe in the Manger who came to save us all. All we have to do is just possess a small share of the faith that the Early Christians once had, and we will be on our way to a better day.