Today is Ash Wednesday.
All too often the faithful look at Lent with a bit of dread; a time of sacrifice and soul searching. Perhaps we got it backwards. Any successful athlete, actor, actress, musician, businessman etc. knows that before one can succeed they have to prepare and train.
Let is our spiritual training course, a way to sacrifice and help others all the while we begin to understand God’s plan for our life. Every successful sports team, band, theater company, and business has a plan. Those who don’t seem to become one hit wonders, if they even had a hit.
Now is the time for us to plan our day, add some time for prayers, spiritual reflection and helping others. Many of us wonder how we cam even add a few more minutes in our busy schedule of work, family, kid’s practices, etc. However, if we try and dig down deep, we know we can find the time, and when Lent ends know that we are better for it.
Dave Hartline is a Catholic writer, who graduated from Marion Catholic High School and Ohio University. He has also been a Catholic school teacher, coach and administrator in the Diocese of Columbus. He currently is the Stewardship and Development Director at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Powell. He is the author of various articles as well as two Catholic books. He is the author of an upcoming book on unreported “Good News” in the Catholic Church which will be published by St. Benedict Press in late 2013 or early 2014.