Face Forward’s Twitter Chat


Thursday, February 19th is Face Forward’s first Twitter Chat! If you have not previously engaged in a twitter chat, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Face Forward will be the moderator- be sure to follow @FaceForwardCols tomorrow night beginning at 8pm. Father Noble will be answering questions from the community. Follow Father Noble @FrPaulNoble.
  2. Once introductions are complete, Face Forward will present a series of questions that start with a Q followed by a number to indicate which question it is. We will be asking 5-6 questions during the chat. Our questions will begin with a Q1 for question 1, Q2 for question 2, and so forth.
  3. As you are on your own personal Twitter, please search #FFVocation to follow the conversation.
  4. To respond, begin your tweet with an A followed by the corresponding number of the question.  You can also add flow to the discussion by replying to other tweets by using the hashtag, and favorite tweets by clicking the star icon to let another participant know you liked their comment. To view your favorited tweets, simply click the “favorites” button in the “Me” section on your Twitter account. You may even favorite a tweet for the purpose of returning to it later, in case the conversation is too fast-paced.
  5. In case you miss anything, Face Forward will publish a Tweet-script of the chat on the Face Forward Blog.

See you on the #FFVocation chat with @FaceforwardCols and @FrPaulNoble Thursday February 19th from 8-9pm.