Face Forward Historical Perspective – Discernment Exploration

Image of Coffee and ConversationsCoffee and Conversations With Fr. Noble

When Face Forward began, we wanted to reach the young Catholics in the Columbus Diocese and encourage them to grow deeper in their faith, embrace the Catholic community, and be open to hearing the call to whatever vocation God intended for them.  The social media platform of Face Forward along with our blog was the hub of most of our activity in the beginning.  But as we all know, connecting online lacks the personal interaction many of our community members were looking for.  It was from this need that we began “Coffee and Conversations With Fr. Noble”.

“Coffee and Conversations” is an informal gathering offered to anyone interested in learning more about vocations.  Fr. Noble hosts these get-togethers at various coffee shops as well as the undercroft of St. Joseph’s Cathedral.  The casual atmosphere allows those in attendance to ask questions they may have been uncomfortable asking online or in a public forum. Current seminarians and priests often attend to lend another viewpoint to the discussion, which is often quite entertaining.

The Melchizedek Project

Image of the Melchizedek ProjectA similar project that was established as a result of “Coffee and Conversations” is a more regular gathering with Fr. Noble that is called “The Melchizedek Project”.  Members of the Melchizedek Project are individuals who are further along in their faith journeys and are looking for a deeper understanding of the discernment process.  The variety of gatherings and information covered in the Melchizedek Project provide a place for members to learn on a more intimate level what it is God is calling them to do.

We continue to hold both “Coffee and Conversations With Fr. Noble” as well as the Melchizedek Project activities.  For more information on these events, please contact info.faceforward@gmail.com and watch the Face Forward social media platforms for the next happening.