Chat Tuesday – Director of Vocations, Fr. Paul Noble

Tonight, Face Forward’s seminarian Jeremiah Guappone chats with Director of Vocations, Fr. Paul Noble on the last Chat Tuesday of the season.

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Welcome Fr. Noble, so glad that you could be with us tonight.

FrPaul Noble Howdy! Glad to be here!

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: So Father, tell us about the big event this Saturday.

FrPaul Noble This Saturday the Bishop of Columbus will ordain two men priests for our diocese

Jeremiah Guappone Can you tell us a little about each of them?

FrPaul Noble Ty Tomson is from the east side and Ryan is from the west…

FrPaul Noble Both have finished their studies at the Josephinum and are waiting for their first assignments

FrPaul Noble It happens at 10 a.m. at St. Joseph Cathedral–all are welcome!

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Fr. What had been the long term (Seminary) and the short term (past month) preparation?

FrPaul Noble The long term preparation started with admission to the seminary

FrPaul Noble I want to emphasize that because by entering the seminary there was still that process of discernment: is this the right response to God’s call.

FrPaul Noble So that takes 6 to 8 years–lots of time to discern!

Jeremiah Guappone It certainly is… since I just finished the first year I am at the other end.

FrPaul Noble The immediate stuff is like most celebrations: invitations, receptions, music, etc. with the religious dimension receiving much more attention

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday to Fr. Noble: What could there first assignments be like and when will they start?

FrPaul Noble First assignments are typically in a larger parish with the pastor needing help to meet the needs of the parish

FrPaul Noble So the first stuff is more sacramental and educational–we wait for the administrative stuff for later

Jeremiah Guappone I know that they are both really excited to be Ordained and to serve the people of God.

FrPaul Noble They will start with the second Tuesday in July–the day when all the new assignments in the Diocese of Columbus go into effect

Jeremiah Guappone What will they do until that time Father?

FrPaul Noble And they are very excited about finding-out where their first assignments wil be!

FrPaul Noble Between now and the first assignment they will probably attend ordinations of their classmates, get stuff organized and ready to move, and send thank you notes…

Jeremiah Guappone Spend time with the Seminarians…

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Can you tell us about your own Ordination Father Noble?

FrPaul Noble It was a long time ago…30 years! I was the only one to be ordained at the time, and I was ordained for the P.I.M.E. Missionaries in Detroit

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Do you remember a certain part? Or a strongest memory?

FrPaul Noble I joined the Diocese of Columbus 4 years later, in 1985

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: It has been very good for us!!

FrPaul Noble My strongest memory is the ordaining Bishop did not like M.C.’s (Masters of Ceremonies), so I had to direct the servers at my own ordination…

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: HAHAHAHA, I don’t think that will happen on Saturday… although they may each do a bit of directing as it is in their character….

Face Forward: Connecting Catholic Youth That is a lot to be doing at your special time. How did you know what to do? – FF admin

Jeremiah Guappone I bet that it made the whole thing fairly complicated!!
Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Father, what will the Ordination Mass be like? Who will attend? Will there be many priest?

FrPaul Noble The Ordination Mass will be beautiful!!! We hope many will attend!

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Can yo/u tell everyone what your part will be, and what part of the Mass it is in

FrPaul Noble It will include the calling of the candidates, the testifying that they are worthy (my part!), the calling on the saints for their prayers, the invocation of the Holy Spirit, the vesting, etc., etc. Come and see!

Jeremiah Guappone It is at 10 am everyone!!!

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Hey Face Forward fans, what questions do you have in our remaining time before 8pm.

FrPaul Noble Parking is available behind the Cathedral and at the lot (SW corner) of 5th and Long

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: A Good thing to know.


Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Father Noble, do you have any funny stories about these two?

FrPaul Noble Also, after the ordination, there is a reception in the undercroft. There is also the STRONG tradition of receiving the FIRST BLESSING of the newly ordained priests. Don’t miss that!

FrPaul Noble One of those things…I won’t tell funny stories about them so they won’t tell funny stories about me…

Jeremiah Guappone Haha

FrPaul Noble But last summer, at the seminarian gathering and the Mass with the Bishop, I almost fell through the chair after the opening prayer. I thought Deacon Ryan would never stop laughing before he had to proclaim the Gospel.

Jeremiah Guappone I remember that, I was new, but I still laughed!!
Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Well Father, any closing thoughts?

FrPaul Noble While the ordination is the culmination of the program of priestly formation, and they are indeed priests, the faith journey continues. It is vital that we continue to pray for them so their first assignments are challenging and affirming and the newly ordained continue to grow in their faith and in their love for the people entrusted to their care.

Jeremiah Guappone Chat Tuesday: Well Father Noble, thanks so much for being with us tonight. Face Forward fans stay tuned this week for more on the ordination!

FrPaul Noble Thanks for your help, Jeremiah! See you Saturday~

Face Forward: Connecting Catholic Youth

Jeremiah Guappone See you then Father, but remember that we are going to talk at OSU about vocations tomorrow.

FrPaul Noble yep!

Face Forward: Connecting Catholic Youth This concludes our last Chat Tuesday of the season. We will continue this week celebrating the Ordination of both Ty Tomson and Ryan Schmit.