Greetings from Father Noble – Happy Thanksgiving!

In today’s world, one can hardly find time to reflect on the “real” meaning of this holiday season.  From as early as Labor Day until after New Year’s Day, holidays are accompanied by incessant advertising and commercialism (have you checked out the Justin Bieber doll?).

I would like the people of our Face Forward community to reflect a bit going into this special holiday, and learn to look at things that are generally forgotten.

Thanksgiving, football and turkey, and fun with friends and neighbors, and a house full of excited and jubilant siblings is reason enough to be thankful.  Look into the kitchen, and begin to see all of the dinnertime adornments that are made out of love for you, and be thankful!  Say a special blessing and take time for prayer before the “big meal,” and remember to thank those loved ones that spent their time and talent preparing all of this for you.

I also want to urge you to remember some things that are generally overlooked when we are in the midst of a family celebration.  Think of your freedom, think of your good fortune, think of all the people who made you who you are.  Remember Jesus, who gave His life for all of us.

Remember the simple things like jumping in leaves, your family football game, riding your bike, rollerblading, and long family drives observing the sites and sounds of the season.

But most of all, remember those less fortunate than you and strive to make their Thanksgiving a time when they can reflect on their own good memories. Remember and cherish your youth, and think of ways you can help the future’s children get the best possible start.  Get involved in your parish events and youth group ministries, and events on the face forward page and within our online community.

I leave you with this simple prayer, and urge you to awake Thursday morning (no matter the time), and take a few moments to reflect and pray.

O God,

bless our family and all its members and friends;

bind us together by Your love.

Give us kindness and patience to support each other,

and wisdom in all we do.

Let the gift of Your peace come into our hearts

and remain with us as we wait for the coming

of Your son, Jesus.

May we rejoice in Your blessings for all our days.