Liturgical Colors of the Catholic Church


Black – Death, Mourning, Despair – May be used for Masses for the dead

Gold – Joy – Gold can replace white, red, or green

Green – Hope, Growth, Increase, Life, Immortality, Fidelity – Used on Sundays in Ordinary Time

Red – Sacrifice, Charity, Zeal, Holy Spirit – Used on commemorations of our Lord’s passion, the Apostles, Evangelists and martyrs; Pentecost

Rose – Subdued Joy, Relived Repentance – May be used on Gaudete Sunday and Laetare Sunday

Violet – Sorrow, Penitence, Preparation – Used during Seasons of Advent and Lent

White – Innocence, Purity, Virginity, Victory, Joy Used on all occasions of joyful/glorious mysteries of our Lord, Mary and of the angels and saints

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